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Game on for all!KidsPlay Mission provides free access to team sports for kids from underprivileged families.

Kids playing soccer
Kids playing baseball
Kids playing soccer


Access to team sports programs is growing more unequal, pushing underprivileged kids further behind. Too many young people living below the poverty line cannot participate in sports programs and therefore cannot enjoy the benefits of team sport.

Kids playing baseball


By offering a program by which kids from underprivileged families can have free access to organized sports programs of their choice. Furthermore, KidsPlay Mission promotes a motivation and team building philosophy.

Social, psychological and physical Benefits

  • Helps children gain self-esteem
  • Helps boost academic performance
  • Offers children recreation and a sense of belonging
  • Creates understanding and a link to commitment

100% free

We cover all registration costs!

100% meaningful

Great life lessons through team sports!

100% fun

YOUR favorite sport in YOUR favorite team!

The Program

The Program's goal is to expand its reach in the Greater Montreal area, by offering a sponsorship to kids wanting to join a sports team of their choice.

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Join a sports team of your choice.

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Our Impact


Target number of kids we want to help


Young new athletes supported to date


Free access

I want you all to be better than me, so continue to work hard!

Shaquille O’Neal, former All-Star NBA player

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